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                  Ahhh! Summer!!!!!


Greetings Beatles Fans and Fans of Beatles Fan Fiction! (Try saying that three times fast!):

Greetings My Dearies!

Well, we (finally) come to the end of another story!  That’s right, luvvies – “Sighs & Whispers” is all wrapped up now.  I do hope you like this last installment and that you’ve enjoyed reading along.  It’s taken me longer to finish this one than I’d anticipated when I started, but “RL,” (i.e., “Real Life”), got in the way more than a couple of times.  However, we’ve plodded on and now we’re ready for something new, yes?

Okay, folks – hit those pools and beaches!  Summer has arrived at long last, so get out there and enjoy it!  For our friends “down under,” bundle up and keep warm, (heh-heh!).

Thanks to all readers – veterans as well as newbies – for your patience and support!  Now, go read!


Okay....now for all the legal mumbo-jumbo.....

Disclaimer  I do not now, nor have I ever, owned the Beatles or any real life personage associated with the group.  I have repeatedly requested to own at least one - I mean, there are four of them! - but, alas, I remain Beatleless at this time.  I will notify you if this changes in the future!  I do not represent in any way the Beatles, Apple Corps., EMI/Capitol, NEMS, MI6, FBI, CIA, BBC, ATV, KKK, and/or the ASPCA.  The content posted to this website is not for profit, (in fact, it's costing me money!), and is offered for the enjoyment (I hope!) of BFF readers only!

Copyright  Please note that all written material contained herein is copyright protected and, as such, remains the intellectual property of the author, (aka, "me").  No content of this site may be reproduced elsewhere, in part or in its entirety, without the expressed written permission of the author, (see "Contact Info" if you wish to discuss this personally). 

Warning!  Adult Content  The majority of the BFF's posted to this site contains adult material, including, but not limited to....explicit language, sexual content, adult situations (both explicit and implied), and violence.  Readers should be age 18 or older please!


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BFF Soundtrack!  I've posted an initial soundtrack to "True Love Ways."  Please note that, currently, the player is set up as a pop-out, meaning you can click it and minimize it so it will play continuously as you read.  For those who want all Beatles, all the time....I have added several Beatles Internet Radio options below,  so there will be something for everyone.  These sites will open in their own window, and will not, therefore, interfere with the speed of this site.  I hope you will find the addition of these new features enjoyable.  Be sure to let me know in the Guest Book!

Beatle Musings!   There are currently three posts up and running on my blog page, "Beatle Musings."  This time, we take a look at some of the more...unusual...Beatles sites that are out there.  Drop by and take a gander!


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