Bahamaian Gothic [Completed]

Beatle:  George

Genre:  Supernatural, Romance

On February 22, 1965, the Beatles flew to Nassau in the Bahamas to film part of their second movie, “Help!” While in Nassau, the group resided for the two weeks in a villa at the exclusive Balmoral Club, an opulent forty-three acre resort consisting of ten private villas as well as the incredible and massive manor called “High Tor,” home to Balmoral's founder, Sir Oliver Simmonds and his family. Well used to catering to the rich and famous, the Balmoral Club afforded the group a kind of privacy and freedom they hadn’t experienced since Beatlemania first exploded internationally. With its many amenities, Balmoral was indeed a tropical paradise, but there was one amenity the facility didn’t advertise....the enigmatic young woman in a white gown who walks the grounds and beach at Balmoral.   Everybody seems to know of her, but no one is talking. When George decides to pursue the question himself, he finds himself pulled deeper and deeper into a mystery fraught with intrigue, betrayal, and murder. Can he solve the mystery before it’s too late?


Disclaimer: I would like to clarify that while Sir Oliver Simmonds did indeed build High Tor and the Balmoral Club, all else written about him and his fictional family is just that…fiction. By all accounts, “Sir Ollie” sounds like a pretty nice guy!



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