Halcyon Days [Complete]

Beatle:  George

Genre:  Romance

When the U.S. Air Force transfers her husband from RAF Mildenhall  to the USS Maddox in the Sea of Japan at the start of 1964, eighteen year old Annie O’Shea finds herself living on her own in a small flat in the Notting Hill section of West London.  Through her friendship with an older American couple – an up and coming film director, Dick Lester, and his wife, Deirdre – Annie takes a job as an assistant on the set of a film starring an unprecedentedly popular rock and roll group from Liverpool.  Over the short weeks of filming, her developing friendship with the group gradually draws Annie into the burgeoning scene of “Swinging London,” but it’s the growing intimacy with the group’s lead guitarist, in particular, that has Annie struggling with unexpected temptations that could end up threatening her marriage...and the future of the Beatles!



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