Wild, Weird, & Wacky Beatles Links

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Wild, Weird, and Wacky Beatles Links

Just the other day, I was combing through the numerous Beatles sites I’d “favorited” and came across a collection of sites I’d labeled as “Beatles Weirdness.”  It was really quite amazing that, while I remembered starting the collection, I ultimately had no idea of just how many links I’d saved to these unusual Beatles sites that have been created out there in ‘net-land!  Since I also have recently been debating the topic of my next blog post, I thought it was nothing short of a sheer stroke of genius that I put the two together, and – voila! – here we are!  What follows is just a sampling of sites I’ve amassed over time, and I have limited them to what – after much discernment – are the top five wildest, weirdest, and wackiest.  I invite you all to share any of your own!

 WWW Beatles Link #1 :  Beatlesex 


 Okay…before you get too excited, this is not what you may think.  “Beatlesex” is actually a musical trio [?] consisting of an individual calling himself [Herself?  It’s really not clear!] American Lesley Jane, along with John Lennon and George Harrison.  [WTF?!!!!]  No, I’m not kidding!  Allegedly, you see, ALJ is not only a musician and composer, s/he is also a channeler who – wait for it – channels the late Messrs. Lennon and Harrison.  Thus the name, Beatlesex!  It’s nothing to do with Beatles sex [unfortunately!], but Beatles ex – ALJ plus two other-worldly Beatles who have nothing better to do with their afterlives than compose and play music with this noodle!  Yup….the three write and play original compositions which you can listen to on line, [Note:  There is absolutely no indication given that either Yoko or Olivia see any royalties!].  There are actually several websites one can access more info about this rather unusual group.  Just “google” their group name, and you’ll get pages of sites.  Now, I gotta tell ya, I find this all just a wee bit suspect, [yeah, I know…“no shit!”].  I mean, if John and/or George were going to spend eternity jamming with anyone, I’d have guessed it would be Elvis or Buddy Holly…maybe Carl Perkins or, in George’s case at least, some Indian raga masters…but, alas, no…instead, if we’re to believe the claim, they are working with this androgynous not-so-famous musician/channeler!  Which reminds me….I also find it rather strange that ghostie-John and ghostie-George tend to speak in trite Beatle catch-phrases that they both probably would have choked on when they were alive! (John - “you have a lucky face”; George - “toppermost”).  You can also access a link to a radio broadcast where “Beatlesex” convinces old Lennon pal, Pete Shotton, that John is well and truly “speaking” through ALJ, (http://kittyradio.com/soapbox/jukebox/24116-pete-shotton-quarrymen-has-joined-beatlesex.html).  In fairness, I haven’t listened – so judge for yourself!  However, if this is true, I just want to know if ol’ Pete was sober?!  So, check it out!

WWW Beatles Link #2:  The John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project


 This one is actually kinda cool!  Or, at least the idea of it is.  Let me explain….  The JLAIP is the brainchild of some geek patrol at the Triumph PC Online – a technology company who, by their own claim, specializes in “persona-bots” – AI’s created with the personality of any given celebrity, historical figure, politician – anybody at all, really.  In this case, they “persona-botted” John Lennon.  Let me first say here that someone at Triumph is obviously a big Beatles fan as their homepage lists the company as publisher of Mersey Beat newspaper.  They also get a plug from Apple Corps. Ltd. and host a forum called “Meet the Beatles.” The main idea of the JLAIP is that you can go onto this site and have a chat with John.  You ask a question, and he will give you one of a set number of responses.  It’s fun at first.  Then it gets kind of annoying.  John has the personality of wet dishrag and the communication skills of a, of a…well, of a persona-bot, I guess.  After five minutes of conversation, it gets redundant.  Of course then one can just hop on over to a different link instead and have a hearty chat with Jack the Ripper!

WWW Beatles Link #3:  The Truth About John Lennon’s Murder


Oh for %$_$#%@&!!!!!  No, he’s not joking!  Apparently, this dude, Steven Lightfoot, is so convinced that there was a conspiracy behind John’s murder that he took to practically stalking horror fic author, Stephen King!  Why Stephen King, you ask?  Well, duh!  Because he’s the real killer, don’t ya know!  Uh-huh.  And good ol’ Steve Lightfoot will tell you all about it for $5.00 (the cost of his meds 24 page booklet).  You can convince and update yourself at his website, if you dare….

 WWW Beatles Link #4:  All You Need is Love


 This Canadian grandma tells the touching story of how, back in the early 1980’s, she grieved inconsolably at the loss of John Lennon.  The odd thing was, she tells us, she was never a Beatles fan.  No, what led to her mourning the loss of someone she neither knew nor cared about was the fact that they had been star-crossed lovers back in seventeenth century England.  I know!  Unbelievable, right?  She wasn’t a Beatles fan?!!! Oh, and the bit about being star-crossed lovers in seventeenth century England sounds a bit off, too, huh?  Technically, I suppose, this link shouldn’t count because it’s really a link to sell the book.  However, I include it for two reasons:  One, because you can find out further info from the site itself.  Two, because the forward to this tome was penned by none other than Bill Harry himself!  Yep, Bill Harry of Mersey Beat fame….Bill Harry who personally knew the Beatles.  Why, Bill, why?

 WWW Beatles Link #5 (and 6 & 7,too!) :  Worshipping at the Altar of the Fab Four:  The Beatles Religion Collection

 Some folks have taken Beatles fandom a step further and established philosophical movements – virtual religions- dedicated to the Mop Tops.  In no special order, they are….



 This is another “Buy-My-Book” site, but it has a few extras including a quiz you can take to discover your “Inner Beatle.”  So, once you’ve determined who your Inner Beatle is, [not applicable to schizophrenics or MPD’s!], you can then read a short blurb describing the characteristics and attributes of that Beatle.  It is the author’s hope that you will be so intrigued, you will then buy the book! Naturally.

Beatlism:  Twenty Four Teachings


 Okay, author, Anthony Archer is offering this series of teachings, (there’s twenty-four of ‘em!), as a “course in reality.”  His reality? For a mere cost of $14.95 (paperback) to $39.00 (audio & paperback) - [Shit! Why didn’t I think of this!] – you, too, can lead a fuller, happier life by accessing the life-lessons found in titles of Beatles songs [Titles?  Not even the entire songs?]: harmony, peace, conscience, and transformation!  This is “transformational knowledge” here, folks – and it can be yours for this one low price!  Obla-di, Obla-da….

The Temple of Beatlism


 This site is the most fun of the three, and it doesn’t cost any money!  I’m pretty sure the “Beatleology” guy stole the idea from this guy!  Here, you will also find a discussion of your Inner Beatle – only it’s much more interesting [and probably, more accurate as well!].  You “worship” by meditating in each of the Beatle Meditation Chambers, evolving toward the ultimate goal of peace and embeatlement!  Jai Guru John, Paul, George, and Ringo…..

 So, they you are, gang!  My top five (or so) wild, weird, and wacky Beatles sites.  Be sure to check them out for yourselves.  As usual, all comments are welcome, but be sure to post any Beatles sites you believe belong on this list! 


International Beatles Week, 2010

Well, we just returned from an awesome three week vacation…two weeks cruising around Greece, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, and Croatia, and the last week, we spent in Liverpool!  We arrived two days into International Beatle Week, (my second!), and had a wonderful time!  Once again we stayed on the top floor of the Hard Days Night Hotel where, each night for the week we were there, I sat out on the balcony facing the LiverBuilding with my cup of tea, listening to the revelers singing and laughing on the street below, just soaking in the atmosphere. I’ve been in Liverpool at other times of the year, and, while I’ve always enjoyed myself, I must say that there is something magical that comes over the city during that last week of August!  I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Beatle Week twice now, and I have loved it both times! 


The morning following our arrival, we attended the annual Beatles auction.  Now, I have to say here that I usually go only to sit and drool as most of the more interesting items are waaaay beyond my wallet’s capacity!  That morning, though, I went specifically to see the auction of one particular item that was causing quite a stir.  The item in question was a toilet owned (and operated!) by John Lennon!  No, you didn’t misread, and no, this isn’t a joke! The “throne” was housed in Lennon’s Tittenhurst lav somewhere between his 1969-1971 residency when he had it replaced, telling builder, John Shea, he could have it and that he should “put some flowers in it or something.”  What Shea did was stored it in his shed where it had sat for the past forty years until his recent -  uh, passing, (sorry!).  The Lennon loo ended up being purchased by “an unidentified overseas buyer” for a whopping £9,500, (roughly $14,500), more than ten times what it was estimated to bring in!  My friend, Donna, who worked the auction, overheard another auction insider joke that he hoped that the brown water ring staining the toilet was merely a rust stain! Blech!  That bidder may very well have gotten more than s/he bargained for!  (Wonder if they’d have to pay extra for that – heh, heh!) Right, moving on from the scatological to the eschatological, (a little theology humor there – yeah, yeah, okay…very little!).


Without a doubt, the highlight of this year’s Beatle Week had to be the “Peace, Love, and Understanding” concert held at the Anglican Cathedral, (the same one where a young Paul McCartney failed the audition for the choir!). The four hour program consisted of twenty-six Beatles’ Tribute bands and solo artists representing each of the seven continents.  They even projected a video message sent from Antarctica that began with a Russian monk from the Orthodox Church sharing a message of peace followed by three Russian scientists giving their rendition of “Let it Be,” accompanied on an acoustic guitar!  One of my favorite moments, though, was when Lennon-impersonator and musician extraordinaire, Marcus Cahill, sang “Happy Xmas/War is Over” backed by the Dovedale School Choir.  For those who don’t know, Dovedale was attended by both John and George.  A quick aside….Jim and I had met and befriended Marcus during Beatle Week back in ’08 and were very pleased and proud when we learned that he was one of the five Liverpool musicians selected for the new Hollywood production, “The Beatle Sessions.” Produced by Stig Edgren and former Beatles’ sound engineer, Geoff Emerick, the show will recreate the Beatles’ recording career at Abbey Road. So, once again, a heartfelt congrats to Marcus!  Getting back to the concert….the two principal tribute bands were the Swedish “Pepperland” and the Argentinean “Nube 9,” (spanish for “Cloud 9”) – both bands were incredible!  The performances of Beatles and solo-Beatles material were interspersed with various introductions, tributes, narratives, and poetry recited by folks like the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool; Julia Baird, (John’s half-sister); Mark McGann, (who, in the US, is probably best known for his role as John in the 1985 NBC film, “John & Yoko: A Love Story”); and David Bedford, (author of “Liddypool: Birthplace of the Beatles”); among others.  There was honestly not a single minute of the concert that was not enjoyable, (well, other than a sore butt from sitting all that time!), and the setting in the Cathedral seemed not only appropriate, but positively awe-inspiring!


Sunday was the day of the Beatles’ Convention at the Adelphi Hotel.  In addition to the large room where all sorts of Beatles items from records to posters to other memorabilia were sold, several conference rooms hosted a non-stop rotation of various bands and solo musicians.  Two films made their UK premiere there that night.  One was “Come Together,” a documentary about the plethora of international Beatles tribute bands and the fans who love them.  Though it sounded interesting, unfortunately, we had other plans and had to miss it.  The second film, “Let Him Be,” we did see.  This Canadian film posits the question, “What would happen if John Lennon actually survived and was hiding out in a small Canadian town?”  Shot as a pseudo-documentary, the story begins with a filmmaker’s discovery of a mysterious clip found in a camera purchased at a garage sale.  The brief clip shows an older man bearing a striking resemblance to John Lennon as he might have looked at that age had he lived.  The intriguing plot makes the film worth the view, so I’ll refrain from giving too much of a description and review in the event readers would like the opportunity to view it for themselves and decide.  The film is available for purchase on line via the site, which is linked above. 


The following night, we attended the “Beatles Variety Show” at the Philharmonic Hall. The show kicked off with a sampling of early Beatles tunes by the Backbeat Beatles, followed by two of “The Rutles,” – “Ron Nasty” and “Barry Wom” (Neil Innes and John Halsey), Badfinger’s Joey Mulholland performed, and, replacing Denny Laine in the line-up was none other than Pete Best!  Being a huge Monty Python fan, you can guess who I was most excited to see!  The show was great, and, I have to admit, Pete Best and his band blew me away….they were fantastic!


The culmination of Beatle Week is the Matthew Street Festival.  This year had six stages dotting the city centre which was closed to vehicular traffic for the day.  Though one mostly heard various tribute bands giving their rendition of each one of the Beatles’ albums, some of the stages hosted bands playing the music of other recording artists like David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, etc….  One stage was even dedicated as a forum for up-and-coming new artists to introduce their own material.  At the end of the day, it was Marcus Cahill again, backed by the fantastic Spanish tribute band, Los Escarabajos, (“The Beatles” in Spanish), who closed the Festival and initiated Liverpool’s two-plus month observation of  John Lennon’s thirtieth anniversary by playing his entire “Imagine” album.  The note-perfect rendition was outstanding as evidenced by response from the approximately fifty thousand fans, many of whom were visibly moved.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day! The city’s claim is that a record-breaking number of people attended the Festival this year, citing 150,000 as the final count – more than 20,000 than last year!  As we tried moving from stage to stage, it wasn’t hard to believe….it felt like the city was wall-to-wall people, but everyone was in good spirits.  No doubt the beautiful sunny, warm day contributed to the increased numbers.


It wouldn’t be a Beatles event, however, without a bit of controversy, and Beatle Week 2010 was no exception.  No, I’m not talking about the movement to save Ringo’s Madryn Street home.  In the months leading up to the Festival, the city council threw a proverbial pot of cold water on the festivities when, diverging from tradition, they failed to provide a stage for the original Liverpool “Merseybeat” sound groups.  We’re talking about bands and singers whose names at least are known to most Beatles fans familiar with the group’s earliest gigs on the Merseyside and Hamburg circuit: The Undertakers, Lee Curtis’ All-Stars, King Size Taylor and the Dominoes, the Mojos, Beryl Marsden (yep, she married Gerry of Pacemakers fame!), and others.  Protests from the artists, other artists (including Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman and former “Shadow,” Hank B. Marvin), their fans and supporters from around the world (including their earliest chronicler, Bill Harry), fell on virtually deaf ears prompting these original Liverpudlian rockers to pen and record a song protesting their treatment, “Let’s Bring Back the Merseybeat Stage to Liverpool.”  Sadly, it was to no avail.  Despite being a wildly popular attraction in previous years, not one of the six stages was given to these pioneers on this 50th anniversary of the “Merseybeat” sound! What a slap in the face!  As Dave Goldberg of The Merseybeats explains, “It was like New Orleans without the Jazz!”  Let’s hope the council wises up for next year!  If you’d like to learn more and/or add your voice to the demand for the return of the Merseybeat stage next year, check out their web page at http://www.liverpoolbeat.com .


Although not technically a part of the scheduled activities, Jim and I also went to the Victoria Gallery & Museum which was hosting the exhibition, “Astrid Kirscherr: A Retrospective.”  Most Beatles fans are more than familiar with the iconic black & white images of the young Beatles decked out in their Hamburg leathers and sporting the then-fashionable slicked back D.A. as well as pics Astrid snapped a short time later of them with the newer radical “do” that was to become their trademark.  What was especially interesting about this exhibit was the collection of personal memorabilia: early photos of Astrid herself at various ages, with her family and friends, with fellow art students, self-portraits, images of lover, Stu Sutcliffe and former husband, Gibson Kemp, as well as letters, receipts, postcards, and other such items from her personal collection.  While the photos and portraits exhibited were well known to me, I was pleasantly surprised to find a few that I’d not seen before.  Understandably, all of these images were taken during various sessions that produced several of the better known pics, but, let’s face it, it’s rare that we see anything new these days, (unless, of course, someone discovers a fifty year old undeveloped role of film à la Paul Berriff’s ’63-’64 collection which is being exhibited at The Beatles Story).  Other Beatle pics include the “chair” photos requested by Brian Epstein of the newly spruced-up, suited Beatles; the Tenarife holiday pics; and the “A Hard Day’s Night” pics shot for the German “Stern” magazine.  There are also some interesting non-Beatles photos shot during that same trip that Astrid took of children and of local rock and roll groups in Liverpool.  Knowing the she was still in town and that she frequently hung around the Gallery, I was a bit disappointed that she was not there the day we visited. Meeting Astrid and obtaining her autograph would have made the whole trip even more worthwhile for me!  Nonetheless, I enjoyed the exhibition immensely and was pleased with my purchase of the fully illustrated, narrated catalogues of both Astrid’s exhibition and the earlier exhibition of Stu’s art, (“Stu Sutcliffe: A Retrospective”).  FYI….both catalogues are available for purchase through Amazon and are well worth adding to your collection. 


As great a time as we had this year, I have to say that I preferred the schedule for the ’08 Beatles Week.  The biggest reasons is because the “powers-that-be” had actually included venues across the river.  It may have just appeared so, but I felt there were more varied activities offered to choose from.  Of course, ’08 was also the year that Liverpool was chosen for the European “Capital of Culture,” so that might have had something to do with it.  At any rate, International Beatles Week 2010 was a simply fantastic experience!  On a personal note, I want to thank Donna, (soon to be a resident of Woolton!), for helping to make our visit extra-special yet again. I’d also like to thank all of the folks there in Liverpool, from the hotel clerks to the taxi drivers to the shopkeepers who all manage to make the multitude of foreigners descending upon their city feel welcome and do it all with a smile and a sense of humor.  Last but not least, a big thank you to all of the tribute groups and solo artists who come out – some every year! – as well as the fans who make each Beatle Week a sensational success!  You know, one of the things that struck me one night as I was just chillin’ outside the Cavern, watching the crowds of people walking past on Matthew Street, is just how amazing it is that, forty years following the break-up of the Beatles, so many people from all corners of the world and of all age groups still find the music so endearing, inspiring, energizing, and relevant and that they have such tremendous affection and respect for these “four lads from Liverpool” that they make the trip just to be part of that spirit, whether from across the Mersey or across the world….and every year, the crowd gets bigger and bigger!  It’s incredible to walk around Liverpool, taking in these humble origins of John, Paul, George, and Ringo and then look at the tens of thousands of people who are there to celebrate the group and their music.  That’s when it really sinks in….the Beatles truly have left one hell of a legacy!

Where Have All the Fan-Fics Gone?

Where Have All The Fan-Fics Gone...?

Beatle Musings:  Posted July 10, 2010


Hiya Folks!

In the past few months, I’ve been contacted by several readers, both on and off this site, inquiring as to where they might find any new Beatles Fiction or new Beatles Fiction sites, (beyond "Your’s Truly’s," naturally!).  Unfortunately, I don’t have the inside skinny about any new Beatles Fiction outside of what can be found accessing search engines and links from other sites just like anyone else can do.  However, not for the first time, this raises a question ….

Has Beatles Fan Fiction passed its heyday?

An interesting question, il n’est pas?  Apparently, it’s not the first time I’ve asked it either, (well, consistency is a good thing, right?). I came across this post I’d written to my cohorts on a private BFF board, and I post it here, (warts and all!), verbatim:

"One thing I've sadly noticed all over the 'net is a discernable decline in Beatles fan fiction and active BFF groups/web rings.  It appears as though there was a burst of enthusiasm and creativity in the aftermath of 'Anthology'among both new & older fans alike, but, since about late spring, there's definitely less activity out there - even from the most prolific BFF writers.  'Rooftop Sessions' has been on hiatus since last December, the only two active BFF sites, ('BFFD'* & 'St. John's Wood'), have had virtually no new stories and very little updates to existing stories to speak of, and, of the three private BFF groups I am part of, not only have they had no action vis-a-vis fan fics, but, (with the exception of this one),  little to no action even in convo.  BFF has been around since the early 70's (though it wasn't always called 'fan fiction'), but, back then, they were few & far between and rarely, if ever, shared.  The explosion of general internet accessibility coupled with 'Beatlemania - Part II' aka 'Anthology,' I feel, really gave birth to BFF in its current incarnation.  However, let's face it, it's been more than a decade since 'Anthology,'   half of the Beatles have now passed on, and, despite the success of CdS's 'Love,' imaginations aren't being stoked the way were back in the 90's.  Certainly the Beatles - as musicians and cultural icons - will remain the perennial example of what it means to be a 'rock & roll group,' and their music will remain paramount in the hearts of the majority of music-lovers the world over for  very long time to come.  But the faces, the smiles, the eyes, (and other body parts I'll leave to your imaginations), that fueled the dreams, the imaginations, and, yes, let's admit it, the hormones of so many females for the past <gulp!> forty years - is this now becoming a thing of the past?  After all, how many people today are even remotely aware that Franz Liszt created such ardour among his otherwise staid, refined female fans that they actually created near-riots just to retrieve a lone glove or used tobacco?  So, here's my question:  Are we experiencing the demise of the phenomenon of Beatles fan fiction?  If so, how does that make you (writers & readers both) feel, and what, if anything at all, do you think can be done to generate that level of passion again?  Or - perhaps you might believe it's run its natural course and should fade away.  Perhaps you, like my fave Georgie, (who still can fuel my hormones!), also feel that 'All Things Must Pass.'  If so, I'd just like add my thanks to those of you who shared your dreams, talents, and imaginations in these wonderful stories.  Although I was only three years old when the Beatles entered my life and my heart, I remember 'Beatlemania' well - thanks for taking me back there....it's been a hell of a ride!"

*Beatles Fan Fiction Directory

I did a double-take when I saw the date I posted on this little piece of shit wisdom….August 26, 2006!!!  “Holey-Moley!” shouted I, prompting a strange look from the hubby, who just shook his head and went back to reading, (He does that a lot….I think he’s developing a nervous tic, poor darling!).  Anyhoooo….at the time I wrote this, I was strictly a BFF addict reader.  Yep, I had yet to write a single word of BFF!  In fact, it would be another eight-plus months before I would even write my first ficlet.  I will admit here that, quite honestly, I’d written and posted this lament largely to guilt the board into activity and the writers into generating more stories. (Hey, I was raised an Irish-Catholic, we boost “guilt” to an art form!).  Alas, while it did prompt several responses, including promises from our board’s writers that they would be posting new material forthwith, it didn’t happen. In fact, if anything, the decline I referred to back in the summer of 2006 continued over the next few years, including the massive loss of those fan fics – both good and not so good – posted to and hosted on “Geocities” and AOL’s “Homestead” when they were both purged from the web. 

Now, we seem to be in a holding pattern, so to speak.  As I’ve pointed out in my replies to those inquiries about where to find new BFF material, with few exceptions, any regularly posted new offerings, as far as I’m aware, seem to be limited to three sites:  BFFD’s Community,” “Beatles Fanfic Journal,” and, to a lesser extent, Beatle Review.”  All of them are on LiveJournal, which appears to be the last bastion for continuing activity in BFF, although it will more often than not be of the “slash” variety, (yeah, yeah, I know…but that’s a discussion for another day!).  Noting there are still at least three active communities can be misleading, however, as they each tend to have the exact same stories posted.  One can almost get away with checking one of them and safely assume the other two will have identical posts. 

What that really leaves us with then, is a handful of authors who are currently writing and posting new BFF, and, among these writers’ stories, the quality varies.  I can say, though, that there a few good writers and others who look very promising.  With genuine critique – that is, honest feedback, (and what writer doesn’t need that?!) – they can actually be quite good, (yes, that does mean doing away with the disingenuous declarative – “OMG! This is the best freakin’ thing I’ve read since ‘Twilight’” – type sentiments that so often passes for actual critique)

Okay, so we’ve seen an obvious waning interest in writing BFF, but that prompts another question….

Are readers no longer interested in Beatles Fan Fiction?

This is much easier to answer.  In my experience….no, I don’t think so, or, if there has been a decline in readership, it is to a much lesser extent than we see with the writers, and this makes sense.  While reading anything may be time-consuming, it’s not nearly as time consuming as writing, and if the statistics on my site alone are any indication, there is still substantial interest in reading Beatles Fiction.  Consider this:  I started this site at the end of November and only began to lightly promote it among a few hand-picked Beatles sites over the next month, mostly Beatlelinks and a few communities over on LiveJournal, including my own.  So, even with little to no promotion, coupled with the fact that this site didn’t even start to appear in search engines until just a couple of months ago….it’s already closing in on *3,000 visitors!  (Thank you, by the way!)  This tells me that there is no lack of interest in Beatles Fiction, just a lack of active Beatles Fiction sites and stories!  After all, in order for a reader to read, a writer has to write, right?  So, what’s to be done?  Are we doomed to being forced to repeatedly re-read BFF that we’ve read ad nauseum just to get our BFF fix?  Are we doomed to resigning ourselves to a world without BFF?  Are we doomed to subscribing to Das liebchen kind’s site? (heh-heh, sorry!)  Or, how about this idea…?

*[DLK’s host, Viviti, bases visits by IP addresses.  In other words, if an individual logs on repeatedly from the same IP address, Viviti will only count it the one time.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t retain in any way, log, or show anybody’s IP, so your secret’s safe!] 

 What if BFF readers tried their hand at writing?

Whoa!  Radical, I know!  Remember, I started writing Beatles fiction eight months after I’d written and posted my lament for the demise of Beatles Fan Ficdom….and do you know what?  I found out I wasn’t half-bad! (I’m not sure I was half-good either, but folks were kind!)  I discovered that I really enjoyed writing and that I had a flair for it.  I even enjoyed the [steady now.…brace yourself] research! 

So, here it is, the conclusion of this first ever, official DLK, (What can I say?  I’m a whore for acronyms!), “Beatle Musings”…uh, muse…?  In the spirit of the ever-lovely George Harrison, who was once known to have said in some film, “I’ll have a bash!”  I am challenging readers to pick up that pen, (or keyboard as the case may be….although, on second thought, it might be easier to type if you just leave it where it is…um, yeah), and “have a bash”  Try a short story, a bit of dialogue, something you’d always wanted to read in a BFF, anything!  You just may surprise yourself!  You could be great! Okay, you could suck, too, but, what the hell?!  You tried it!  You might even start thinking that your masterpiece is so wonderful, others should read it.  The sites listed above are a great place to start posting.  If your story is really, really good, you can even try submitting it to Rooftop Sessions.  Sue, the webmistress, editor, and all-around queen bee of RS, has said the resurgence of that wonderful e-zine is contingent upon the submission of enough high-quality stories - uh…yeah…but please read the submission guidelines over there first.  I wouldn’t want her coming after me for causing an overflow in her mailbox.  I’ve met her, she’s formidable, (j/k Sue, I think you’re great!  Wouldn’t want your job to save my life, but….)

So, there you have it, dear readers!  Ya want more BFF to read?  Start writing!  It will catch on!  I hope you’re all having a great summer, and, for our friends “down under,” I hope your having a great winter, (yeah, and I’m saying that with a straight face!)


Peace, Love, & Beatles,


P.S. - You can also try taking a gander at the "Links" page on this site.  You'll find some BFF sites and stories linked there as well!