Wild, Weird, & Wacky Beatles Links

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Wild, Weird, and Wacky Beatles Links

Just the other day, I was combing through the numerous Beatles sites I’d “favorited” and came across a collection of sites I’d labeled as “Beatles Weirdness.”  It was really quite amazing that, while I remembered starting the collection, I ultimately had no idea of just how many links I’d saved to these unusual Beatles sites that have been created out there in ‘net-land!  Since I also have recently been debating the topic of my next blog post, I thought it was nothing short of a sheer stroke of genius that I put the two together, and – voila! – here we are!  What follows is just a sampling of sites I’ve amassed over time, and I have limited them to what – after much discernment – are the top five wildest, weirdest, and wackiest.  I invite you all to share any of your own!

 WWW Beatles Link #1 :  Beatlesex 


 Okay…before you get too excited, this is not what you may think.  “Beatlesex” is actually a musical trio [?] consisting of an individual calling himself [Herself?  It’s really not clear!] American Lesley Jane, along with John Lennon and George Harrison.  [WTF?!!!!]  No, I’m not kidding!  Allegedly, you see, ALJ is not only a musician and composer, s/he is also a channeler who – wait for it – channels the late Messrs. Lennon and Harrison.  Thus the name, Beatlesex!  It’s nothing to do with Beatles sex [unfortunately!], but Beatles ex – ALJ plus two other-worldly Beatles who have nothing better to do with their afterlives than compose and play music with this noodle!  Yup….the three write and play original compositions which you can listen to on line, [Note:  There is absolutely no indication given that either Yoko or Olivia see any royalties!].  There are actually several websites one can access more info about this rather unusual group.  Just “google” their group name, and you’ll get pages of sites.  Now, I gotta tell ya, I find this all just a wee bit suspect, [yeah, I know…“no shit!”].  I mean, if John and/or George were going to spend eternity jamming with anyone, I’d have guessed it would be Elvis or Buddy Holly…maybe Carl Perkins or, in George’s case at least, some Indian raga masters…but, alas, no…instead, if we’re to believe the claim, they are working with this androgynous not-so-famous musician/channeler!  Which reminds me….I also find it rather strange that ghostie-John and ghostie-George tend to speak in trite Beatle catch-phrases that they both probably would have choked on when they were alive! (John - “you have a lucky face”; George - “toppermost”).  You can also access a link to a radio broadcast where “Beatlesex” convinces old Lennon pal, Pete Shotton, that John is well and truly “speaking” through ALJ, (http://kittyradio.com/soapbox/jukebox/24116-pete-shotton-quarrymen-has-joined-beatlesex.html).  In fairness, I haven’t listened – so judge for yourself!  However, if this is true, I just want to know if ol’ Pete was sober?!  So, check it out!

WWW Beatles Link #2:  The John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project


 This one is actually kinda cool!  Or, at least the idea of it is.  Let me explain….  The JLAIP is the brainchild of some geek patrol at the Triumph PC Online – a technology company who, by their own claim, specializes in “persona-bots” – AI’s created with the personality of any given celebrity, historical figure, politician – anybody at all, really.  In this case, they “persona-botted” John Lennon.  Let me first say here that someone at Triumph is obviously a big Beatles fan as their homepage lists the company as publisher of Mersey Beat newspaper.  They also get a plug from Apple Corps. Ltd. and host a forum called “Meet the Beatles.” The main idea of the JLAIP is that you can go onto this site and have a chat with John.  You ask a question, and he will give you one of a set number of responses.  It’s fun at first.  Then it gets kind of annoying.  John has the personality of wet dishrag and the communication skills of a, of a…well, of a persona-bot, I guess.  After five minutes of conversation, it gets redundant.  Of course then one can just hop on over to a different link instead and have a hearty chat with Jack the Ripper!

WWW Beatles Link #3:  The Truth About John Lennon’s Murder


Oh for %$_$#%@&!!!!!  No, he’s not joking!  Apparently, this dude, Steven Lightfoot, is so convinced that there was a conspiracy behind John’s murder that he took to practically stalking horror fic author, Stephen King!  Why Stephen King, you ask?  Well, duh!  Because he’s the real killer, don’t ya know!  Uh-huh.  And good ol’ Steve Lightfoot will tell you all about it for $5.00 (the cost of his meds 24 page booklet).  You can convince and update yourself at his website, if you dare….

 WWW Beatles Link #4:  All You Need is Love


 This Canadian grandma tells the touching story of how, back in the early 1980’s, she grieved inconsolably at the loss of John Lennon.  The odd thing was, she tells us, she was never a Beatles fan.  No, what led to her mourning the loss of someone she neither knew nor cared about was the fact that they had been star-crossed lovers back in seventeenth century England.  I know!  Unbelievable, right?  She wasn’t a Beatles fan?!!! Oh, and the bit about being star-crossed lovers in seventeenth century England sounds a bit off, too, huh?  Technically, I suppose, this link shouldn’t count because it’s really a link to sell the book.  However, I include it for two reasons:  One, because you can find out further info from the site itself.  Two, because the forward to this tome was penned by none other than Bill Harry himself!  Yep, Bill Harry of Mersey Beat fame….Bill Harry who personally knew the Beatles.  Why, Bill, why?

 WWW Beatles Link #5 (and 6 & 7,too!) :  Worshipping at the Altar of the Fab Four:  The Beatles Religion Collection

 Some folks have taken Beatles fandom a step further and established philosophical movements – virtual religions- dedicated to the Mop Tops.  In no special order, they are….



 This is another “Buy-My-Book” site, but it has a few extras including a quiz you can take to discover your “Inner Beatle.”  So, once you’ve determined who your Inner Beatle is, [not applicable to schizophrenics or MPD’s!], you can then read a short blurb describing the characteristics and attributes of that Beatle.  It is the author’s hope that you will be so intrigued, you will then buy the book! Naturally.

Beatlism:  Twenty Four Teachings


 Okay, author, Anthony Archer is offering this series of teachings, (there’s twenty-four of ‘em!), as a “course in reality.”  His reality? For a mere cost of $14.95 (paperback) to $39.00 (audio & paperback) - [Shit! Why didn’t I think of this!] – you, too, can lead a fuller, happier life by accessing the life-lessons found in titles of Beatles songs [Titles?  Not even the entire songs?]: harmony, peace, conscience, and transformation!  This is “transformational knowledge” here, folks – and it can be yours for this one low price!  Obla-di, Obla-da….

The Temple of Beatlism


 This site is the most fun of the three, and it doesn’t cost any money!  I’m pretty sure the “Beatleology” guy stole the idea from this guy!  Here, you will also find a discussion of your Inner Beatle – only it’s much more interesting [and probably, more accurate as well!].  You “worship” by meditating in each of the Beatle Meditation Chambers, evolving toward the ultimate goal of peace and embeatlement!  Jai Guru John, Paul, George, and Ringo…..

 So, they you are, gang!  My top five (or so) wild, weird, and wacky Beatles sites.  Be sure to check them out for yourselves.  As usual, all comments are welcome, but be sure to post any Beatles sites you believe belong on this list! 


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