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Miss O'Dell's Collection on Wattpad

One of my favorite authors from way back, and - bless her - she's still writing!  An absolute must-read author of BFF!  A writer who knows her Beatles history AND how to actually write extraordinarily well!  Be sure to check out this wonderful collection by the webmistress of the much-beloved "Beatles Fan Fiction Directory."


Jonesingjay's Archive of BFF

Another fav author of yours truly who is quickly amassing an impressive catalog of stories that are well-written with engaging and original plots!



A Live Journal site containing an impressive array of the author's fiction - all completed when posted - mostly short stories of excellent quality!  Highly recommended!



Links to Very Cool Beatles Sites

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Fan Fiction Books for Purchase

Hungry for More Beatles Fan Fiction?

The internet isn't the only place to find Beatles Fan Fiction.  Numerous BFF authors have taken things a step further and have actually had their work published either traditionally or via one of the plethora of self-publishing services available. Certainly, not everything excels merely because it's been printed, but, on the other hand, there are gems to be unearthed in this seldom-explored collection.

The following Amazon links  will take you to those BFF books for sale that I have personally read and recommend. Click on the cover image for summaries, reviews, and purchase information.  Many of these books are offered in several formats,(i.e., hard copy, Kindle book, Android e-book, etc...).  Please check back for new additions!


A Fabulous True-Life Memoir of a Teenage Beatlemaniac Determined to Meet Her Favorite Beatle in the Summer of '64!!!!




Favorite Select Beatles Fan Fiction on the Web:

 These individual BFF’s linked here are particular favs of mine that some of you may enjoy as well.  This list is FAR from being comprehensive – there are many, many other stories I’ve read and enjoyed as well….for me these just stand out among them all!  HAPPY READING!!!!

"Into My Life"  by Diane (During a Beatles concert, a student nurse is tapped to help with a medical emergency only to find that her patient is John Lennon.  The "mother of all BFF's" and the progenitor and inspiration of so many BFF's on the web!)  Note:  This link has been updated.

"The Space Between Us All"  by 4beatlelove  (What might have happened if the Beatles' worst fears had been realized during that fateful 1966 US tour)

 "The Cavern Door "  by Beth Shorten (A young woman from the 21st century finds a mysterious door in her basement that leads her back in time)

"The Coffee House"  by Beth Shorten (A young woman gets lost in New York City and meets a familiar-looking stranger in a rundown coffee house.)

 "A Walk in the Park"  by Linda Cooper  (A young widow and her child are befriended by their famous neighbor)

“Hamburg Daze”  Parts III, &  III  by Cheryl Mortensen  (vampires and George - Mmmmm....)

"Dreams"  by Cheryl Mortensen  (A sexy ghost story with a wonderful ending....made me cry!)

"Devil in Her Heart"  by missodell  (George encounters an unusual young woman who turns his life upside-down.  Recently completed and a wonderful read!) 

"Edgeways to Fame"  by Sue  (Ever wonder what happens on tour when the show is over?  The story is told from each Beatle's perspective)

"Playing With The Big Boys"  by Watrosaka Barnette  (Definitely for grown-ups, but…yowza!  great stuff!)

Collection....“Yes it Is”; “Yes it Is” stories; “Tomorrow Never Knows”; "Real Love"  by pennylane_fic,  lovely_rita_mm, and jenny_wren28  (The time-traveling Maggie finds good reason to remain in 1960's London when she meets John Lennon.  All stories and chapters posted to this one link)

 “The Interview”  by langueurmonoton  (A wonderful story about the fifth Beatle - she happens to be Paul McCartney's sister who ends up marrying George!  A very original premise, but -goodness!- it works incredibly well!)

 “Strawberry Fields Forever”  by afterglow81  (In 1966, the Beatles run through a mysterious red door trying to escape a mob of fans only to find themselves on another world….an alternate universe story, absolutely fantastic! )

"At First Sight" by  jonesingjay  (The only other completed "George in Benton" story besides mine!  At 51+ chapters, it's a compelling love story with a surprising twist at the end!)

"Razzmatazz" by Miss O'Dell  (August 1963 - The Beatles are playing a 6 night residency in Llandudno, Wales, when a stranger arrives looking for John. What is the secret past these two people share? And what will it mean for the future of The Beatles?)

"The Nearest to My Heart" by jonesingjay (A sophisticated story in which John and Paul find themselves in a romantic triangle with a young African-American lead singer of an all girl group who opens their Christmas Show in 1963 London.  Not your average love story!)

"Words of Love" by jonesingjay (A parallel story to "The Nearest to My Heart," focusing on George's developing romance with Annette, the youngest member of "The Debutantes."  Sweet without being sappy - it will keep you reading!  The filler-chapters following the conclusion are wonderful - lots of surprises!)

The following is a list of classic fics I recommend that you might have thought were lost to us forever!  They're found again with the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine!

"Like Dreamers Do" -[incomplete] - by sandyd88 (?) (A steamy romantic triangle featuring John & Paul. Very well written, even at 100 chapters! Another one for the grown-ups!)

"If They Only Knew" -[incomplete] - by Strawberry Walrus (An epic 4 part - 129 chapter love story, also featuring a triangle - George & Paul this time. Sadly left unfinished, it is still well worth the read!)

"Somewhere in Time" -[incomplete]- by Niknat (Based on the original short story of the same title and sharing the same premise, Paul encounters his greatest love from the past. The only problem is, he's sixty years old and she's only eighteen with no memory of their shared history!)


There are several other BFF that I would love to include in this list, however, they are listed on private forums.  Although we are not seeing the level of BFF activity that we did in the immediate aftermath of the initial broadcast of “Anthology,” I am pleased to say that we continue to see new BFF of high quality being posted - if not frequently, at least consistently.  I will, therefore, continue to update this list from time to time, so be sure to check back!


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